Standard Ethics

Ratings Solutions

Standard Ethics is a leading provider of sustainability ratings and risk analysis. A rating from Standard Ethics enables applicants to measure their ESG practices with what required by international standards and to better capture wider investor focus interested in long-term investments.


SER Solutions are for:

  • Companies
  • Countries
  • Green Bonds (with the integration of ICMA’s Green Bond Principles)



The outcome of the work carried out is the SER expressed in nine levels from EEE to F, measuring the company’s level of compliance to international ESG parameters and related reputational vulnerability.
The rating is supported by a thorough report and guidelines filled out by internal analysts, with the details explaining the final assessment.

The applicant can use the rating report and the guidelines for different purposes:

  1. As a Risk Analysis (particularly on reputational risks);
  2. As an Internal gap analysis on corporate governance with strengths and weaknesses;
  3. To improve external communication for investors and stakeholders;
  4. To improve internal communication for employees and collaborators;
  5. To improve environmental and social approach and reporting.


The scope of the rating is not only to improve the company structure but also to:

  1. Attract long-term and strategic investors;
  2. Be included in the Standard Ethics Indices;
  3. Offer a measure of reputational risks;
  4. Offer a measure of the distance between the company and the indications of EU, OECD and UN.